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Dolled Up for Murder
ISBN-13: 978-1250001849

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Outstanding Praise for Jane Cleland's


Dolled Up For Murder is another strong entry in this inspired series, and Cleland continues to charm with her unique mix of mystery and monument. Of course, it takes more than a clever idea – here, an amateur sleuth who uses her knowledge of antiques to solve the crime – to concoct a worthy whodunit; fortunately, she’s got the talent (and the trivia) to pull it off. In a world where things can depreciate in an instant, it’s nice to know that good storytelling is timeless…
John Valeri - Hartford Books Examiner. Read the full review HERE

Publishers Weekly reviews DOLLED UP FOR MURDER: “In Cleland’s winning seventh Josie Prescott antiques mystery (after 2011’s Deadly Threads), someone guns down Josie’s friend and client, financial adviser Alice Michaels, outside Josie’s Rocky Point, N.H., shop, Prescott’s Antiques and Auctions, shortly after the two women examine a valuable collection of dolls that Josie just bought for resale. That Alice “was being investigated for running a mega-Ponzi scheme” may suggest a motive for murder. When Josie’s loyal shop assistant, Eric, disappears, kidnappers demand the prized dolls as ransom. Meanwhile, Josie finds rare Civil War currency inside a… doll... Working with Rocky Point’s … police force… Josie once again proves an adept sleuth. The action builds to a seamless and fitting conclusion.”
Reviewed on: 02/20/2012

“Beautifully written,” Lesa Holstein, librarian extraordinaire

“Just the right amount of intrigue paired with quirky, lovable characters.” Fresh Fiction, review by Jen Vido, reviewer extraordinaire

"... a winning cozy series."
Library Journal, about DOLLED UP FOR MURDER, April 2012

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