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Week Sixty Three
Sterling Servers

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sterling servers
sterling servers


Forty years ago I bought this sterling fish set. I believe it to be from Birmingham, England, 1860 made by a George Unite according to the hallmarks.  It is in perfect condition in original case.  The knife is about 14 inches long and the fork is 10 inches long.  There are several sets of hallmarks on each piece: On the blade of knife and the handle and also on the handle of the fork and on the back of the tines. The marks are a Capital L, an upside down anchor, lion right front and back foot extended tail low over back, and a bust of (I assume) the queen.  All that followed by capital initials G. U no period.  Case is formed to receive knife and fork in blue velvet, satin on top case.  The case is made of leather. 

sterling servers

Art Lovers' Weekly


I have 44 volumes of a periodical called "Art Lovers' Weekly." This is a large periodical 10 ½" x 13."  The front page has Morton Building, Chicago, USA

There are about 22 pages in each volume. Each page has a print on it with a description on the opposite page. All are in black and white or sepia tones. The inside cover reads "Artotype reproductions of the worlds famous paintings and sculpture with critical and descriptive text. Sketches of the lives of artists and sculptors and other interesting matter relating to art." Publishers note reads "The painting and sculptures brought together for publication in the Art Lovers' Weekly represent in a great many cases the choice made by national art jurors in the countries of origin. This system of selection has resulted in an array unprecedented in magnitude and universal in character."   I think they might be about 75 years old, but there is no date on any of them. I have attached pictures of the front and inside cover information on Volume 1, and one of the prints. I would like to know if these have any value and any information about the weekly and when it would have been in circulation.

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art lovers weekly
art lovers weekly
art lovers weekly art lovers weekly